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Typically months of planning (if not longer) will go into the decision. A retirement home, a home for your kids to move into after graduating from school, a new home you are buying when you are offered a job in a new city; regardless of which of these purchases you are making, the right buyer’s agent can help!

Allow me to guide you in the process, help you set a budget (and find many properties within that budget), and help you find the home of your dreams, regardless of which stage of your life you are in.


I knew nothing about the real estate market in Walnut Creek or Rossmoor. I did know that I wanted a highly ethical person with whom to work, one I could totally trust and was what I would call a REAL person. Catherine Myers was that and more. I felt that my research on the internet paid off in spades because Catherine proved to be everything I was looking for and perhaps even more because I enjoyed her as well. All in all, this was a very pleasant exchange and adventure.
Catherine is amazing, she make you feel like you are her only client. She is knowledgeable, professional and gives you all the time you need to decide on what is right for you. Once you have made your decision just sit back, she handles all the rest. I found her from a friend, who found her from a friend, which is the best review of all.
Prompt communication throughout the process and patient hand holding when needed. Great marketing expertise, great at helping us understand the trends of our area. Honest and straight forward answers. A full, hearty 5+ stars.

Why Work With An Agent?

I run into clients all the time who wonder whether or not they really need to hire a buyer’s agent when buying a home. Of course the answer is no (you don’t NEED), but if you want to find the best deal, and the perfect home, the answer is a resounding yes!

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    Let Me Help

    I am in the business of finding your dream home, and finding the property you (and your family) are bound to love living in for years to come. I am prepared to go through this process with you, and help you find the home of your dreams.

    Contact me today, and learn how my experience as a professional buyer’s agent can assist you in the purchase process. From putting in an offer, to dealing with troubles in financing, I have seen and done it all. Let me help you find your dream home, and help you find it for the best price imaginable.


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