Clayton Valley new charter high school appoints Executive Director

Clayton Valley new charter high school appoints Executive Director

If you live anywhere in or near the Mt. Diablo School District, AND have children, you’ve undoubtedly heard of the new Clayton Valley Charter High School.  The charter high school was approved, after a somewhat long, and very complicated fight, by the Contra Costa Board of Education earlier this year and has been hard at work readying the “NEW” school to open in August.  Today, Clayton Valley Charter High School has released an announcement that they’ve hired their new Executive Director.  You can read their press release here:  CVCHS Announces Inaugural Executive Director.

I’m writing today about this topic as schools are probably at the top of almost every home-buyer’s lists of “must-haves.”  And yes, even those without children in school yet welcome the opportunity to live in an area with high scoring, well respected schools.  I had a buyer during the charter approval process state that she specifically wanted to look in within the boundaries of the new charter school as she felt strongly it was a new and innovative program within the Mt. Diablo district area.  In fact, the charter high school is no longer a part of the MDUSD, which in itself, is a bonus for some.  Unfortunately the school district has had some challenges in recent years, though there are some EXCEPTIONAL schools within the MDUSD.

It is no accident, the correlation between good scores, and higher home prices.  Quality of nearby schools is critical when you think of resale and area desirability down the road.

Clayton Valley Charter High School serves students in Clayton and some areas of Concord (in fact most of the 1800+/- students enrolled are from Concord).  For students within the boundaries of Clayton Valley, they can also choose to apply for a transfer for any one of the other school district schools, and space available, they can go to another high school i.e. Northgate, College Park, Ygnacio Valley, Concord High or Mt. Diablo High School.  For students outside of the Clayton Valley boundaries wanting admittance, the lottery for entry for 2012-2013 has already been held, but check the charter website for more information: Clayton Valley Charter High

Here’s information on transfers here: CVHS Transfers


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