HELP for distressed homeowners

HELP for distressed homeowners

walnut creek short sale foreclosure resource

As the government settlements pressure the largest servicers to help more homeowners, we continue to learn about more programs that may help you keep your home, or to avoid foreclosure.

Here are some resources and websites for you including government organizations and the websites of the major servicers for help and options:

Making Home Affordable – know your options

Hope Now – free help for homeowners

Keep your home California


Bank of America Short Sale Guide
Bank of America Home Transition Guide

Bank of America Homeowner Counseling Resources – non-profit and HUD counselors


Chase Home Ownership Center

Chase short sale center – do you qualify?

Chase short sale information packet – what documentation do you need?

Chase HAFA short sale information

Chase local Walnut Creek Homeownership Center

Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo Help for Homeowners

Wells Fargo Short Sale information

Wells Fargo HAFA eligibility matrix

I’ve worked with all of the above servicers MANY times.  Most short sales are successful.  If you want to save your home, exhaust all your efforts first. Call your bank. OPEN YOUR MAIL. Some of these servicers are offering help to targeted “at risk” homeowners and as an example, Bank of America has started sending letters to some homeowners starting this week.  Read Bank of America’s press release today 5/8/12 to read more about their new modification and principle reduction program. Other banks/servicers are announcing new ways they’re reaching out to homeowners too.


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