When selling your home, should you stay while buyers visit?

When selling your home, should you stay while buyers visit?

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I just wrote a blog post for the Concord, CA real estate section at the local patch news blog.  It’s been exciting to blog for the local Patch and today, the editor of the Concord Patch, cross posted my article to Walnut Creek’s Patch as well.  All great news!

I enjoy sharing about the topics important to the clients I work with, and whether to stay in the house, or to leave during buyer showings is one of the top questions I get when selling an occupied home.

I have experienced both sides of this coin. I’ve had sellers that may very well have cost themselves a buyer by sharing too much, and I’ve had the other extreme of a buyer and seller getting along so well that they actually became friends after the house closed escrow ! You just never know.  Mostly though, it’s best to leave the buyer alone, let them talk in piece to their real estate agent, and let them be honest.  You want people to feel comfortable in your home, not like they’re intruding.

You can find the article about whether you should stay or go during buyer visits at Concord CA Patch.

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