SF Bay Area! Who needs a curb appeal makeover?

SF Bay Area! Who needs a curb appeal makeover?

HGTV curb appeal make over in contra costa, san francisco bay area

How fun would this be!? If you live within 30 minutes of San Francisco, your home and “curb appeal” project could be selected by HGTV’s show “Curb Appeal: The Block.”

Check out their casting call and win a $20,000 curb appeal makeover!  Check out HGTV looking for San Francisco curb appeal makeover…

Are you embarrassed by your home? Did you run out of energy, funds or ideas on a project? Does your house have peeling paint? Is it painted in neon yellow, or is completely dull? Is the

landscape overgrown or dead? Is the driveway cracked? Has your house lost its charm? Is the porch too small? Do neighbors comment on ways they would like you to fix up your home? Do you feel like you’re house is bringing down the look of your block?

Do you know someone who could use the help?  Wants to be on national tv?  Check it out!


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